It has been stated that human beings use roughly 10% of our brain capacity according to science. Given all of humanity’s major technological and other space-age advances, you would surmise that we are a very powerful species with limitless potential and possibilities.

However our digital marvels, haven’t kept mankind back from the edge of destruction. Or from barely holding on to a fragile thread of existence.

Yet since the very beginning of recorded history, we have struggled with some of the most basic questions: Who are we? What are we? Where did we come from? Where are we headed after life and death?

For centuries, we have existed in a state of loss of identity. Not knowing who we really are has generated endless scientific, cultural, racial and religious confusion. So where can we turn to overcome this endless confusion?

The #1 Image Maker is a road map, a runway for takeoff, and a GPS to guide us to the ultimate and absolute questions in life and their answers. Why are we here? Why do we exist? And why do we have such intelligence, talents, and abilities that separate us from the rest of creation?

Author Keith E. Echols delivers a powerful message for all of us, and he shows us how to recapture our lost and stolen identities and embrace The Image Maker’s purpose. His inspired wisdom is simple, yet profoundly clear to be unstoppable, live on purpose and with power.




The #1 Image Maker: The Guide into Your True Identity
The #1 Image Maker